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This is a place to browse design services and designs for sale

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This website is very handy for companies that are interested in cost-effective services offered by design studios and designers.

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Browse a list of turn-key design services and packages available for purchasing.

This option is good for companies that would be interested in cost-effective "turn-key" solutions offered as design service packages.
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Browsing Design Services

You could also alternatively check salonedeldesigner.com and designmegastore.com to see services available for purchases, however these sites do not list most of the services or designs for sale, because designers do not want to share the pricing information with the general public, thus you will have to request a catalog of services available by filling our form, there are over tens of thousands of services available as ready-made solutions, thus identifying your correct needs will help us to give you the exact information.

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Browse a list of designs for sale

Browse a list of design concepts and models listed for sale.

This option is good for companies that would like to check designs that are available for immediate acquisition.
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You could check some works by our member designers through designmag.org, however this is the list of award winning designs from A' Design Award, and is a very small portion of our portfolio as our award winning designers portfolio is composed also winners of other prestigious design awards, so this is not the full list as many of our members would not share their designs online and thus you would be required to fill our forms to see more designs that are available for purchasing, we like to notice that we do not send any of the designers' works without their permissions thus providing a clear information and being serious helps,



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